Phoenix A/V Specialists offers multiple solutions for your business or office. We can provide audio and video solutions for your bar or restaurant incorporating the cleanest installs, while giving you a system that will be easy to use for your staff. Large TV's and video walls are great for showing all the big games at once and can set you apart from your competition. We can offer your bar or restaurant video solutions in all shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for multiple LCD televisions throughout your space, or looking to blow away your customers and competition with a 12-panel video wall or an eye-catching projector.

Phoenix A/V also offers solutions for your office, including background music systems, conference room and training room systems. These can incorporate audio & video, as well teleconferencing and videoconferencing . The systems we install are extremely efficient and easy to use, so that you can focus on your work with no time wasted. Our experts have years of experience in the commercial A/V industry, and will provide solutions to any challenge.


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